Always A Bump In The Road?

Road blocks. They are Everywhere…

Over time we start to think we have things figured out, then one more thing happens. I was starting to be on a roll when I moved to Texas. It seemed like every spring something was happening to me. The first year was wisdom teeth, the next year was basal cell cancer right under my eye and the third was a torn tendon by my ankle. THAT ONE was what sent my world into a spin that just felt like it kept spinning and I couldn’t make it stop.

Want to hear the best part? I tore it while chasing sheep for my kids’ livestock show project. Yup, was trying to exercise 3 sheep, one was really lazy and as I chased it round and round staying right by its butt so it wouldn’t stop. Tendon torn. It wasn’t the kind of tear that you know immediately that you did something. It gradually started hurting worse and as I would change from the gas pedal to the break pedal in the car it would turn into this intense burn feeling.

I had had Airrosti treatments done on it, not knowing it was torn at that moment. Trying to loosen up all those muscles in there. After 4 sessions and no help, MRI was done. Sure enough I had torn my brevis tendon right by my ankle. The doc tried a boot for a while since I was a mom of four but that did absolutely nothing for me just kept me crippled longer. I was in a boot from February to April and then finally received surgery the end of April and had to stay off of it until June 8th. Why do I know that date? Because that day I was actually free again.

Being a mom to 4 busy kids, homeschooling at the time, and a baby was not easy. In fact, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had the most amazing help, and babysitters sent from the Man Upstairs himself. It was so hard. As a mom you feel like you need to do everything. Thats your job isn’t it? To do everything? At least thats what I thought. I would just be laying there while everyone around me worked. My foot had to be propped up all the time and after surgery (if you’ve ever had ankle surgery you know this), if you put your foot down at all in the beginning, even letting the smallest amount of weight touch the ground, all the blood felt like it was rushing there and it was crazy painful.

I was an emotional wreck. Things that aren’t right with our bodies, doesn’t allow us to be the person we want to be. Its so hard to balance life and misery at the same time. How can it happen? I had been working out for a year at that point. I was on a mission to get my body back together than motherhood had taken over. I was so excited to move on to what was next since I had some fitness under my belt. I’m a very competitive person so as all my world is crumbling, I’m watching my amazing hubby and friends get ready for a spartan race. He was so dedicated and I wanted to be right there with my hubs and them all, and I sat there working my upper body. Going from one point in the gym on crutches to another. It wasn’t what I thought my life was going to be like.

Want to hear the best part? I tore it while chasing sheep for my kids’ livestock show project. Yup, was trying to exercise 3 sheep, one was really lazy and as I chased it round and round staying right by its butt so it wouldn’t stop. Tendon torn.

As race day came, the doc had cleared me that I could venture out more and put weight on my foot but still needed crutches but at least I could go support my man at the race. That just so happened to be on his birthday. We pull up to where the Spartan Race was just outside of Austin Texas and I stared. Not only was the race no where near where you park your car, but it was down a red dirt filled hill. You had to ride the bus to one area and then walked all the way down. Little did I know, I’d have my own Spartan race that day, on crutches- wearing a boot and rubbing my armpits raw with all the friction of the uneven ground beneath me that the crutches had to try to maneuver through.  As I found my spot I would call home for the rest of the day, I could feel the camaraderie between all the Spartan racers. I could see them work with each other and I could even see pro’s there with someone that might want to cross this off their bucket list with the help of a friend. I was wanting to be out there. I wanted to see what I could do. But I couldn’t. I sat.

Sometimes we get set backs in life. Sometimes things happen, and every time we wonder; Great, now what am I going to do? We have goals, and what just happened is NOT letting that goal happen when we wanted it to happen so what do we do?

This is what I have learned through my down times:

#1- Change your goal.
Yes you had a goal, yes its not happening any longer, so instead of focusing on the fact that life sucks, how can we switch our thinking to finding something new we can do during that time instead. I don’t know about you but there is a lot of other little goals I have in my life at the exact same moment, so lets use up one of those in the mean time.

#2- Change your attitude.
Nothing good can happen from someone with a poor attitude. All you do is become more miserable and those around you don’t want to be around you anymore. Try to see the good. Even though what you’re in RIGHT.At.That.Moment. there is still good going on around you. You have to look for it and you have to create a positive atmosphere. Open the window shades, let the fresh air in, turn on some uplifting, inspiring music, and think positive.

#3- Know that this time will pass.
It feels like forever. It realllllyyy feels like forever. Especially when you go to the doctor and he tells you to give it more time. I promise you though, it will pass. Now is a good time to write thank you cards to those that mean a lot to you. Those who have helped you. Read the books you’ve been wanting to. Pick up a new hobby. Start painting with water colors (thats what I did) Before you know it, you’ll be back in action kicking butt and taking names.

Now…Everyone has different set backs. Some might just be life road blocks. Hard trials, family issues, school issues, or maybe marriage issues. Most set backs due to health won’t be all over your whole body there will be something that still works, so work with what you got. It takes Might over Mind right! You can do anything if you put your mind to it. There will be road blocks in your way. The choice is yours to power through. You are the once in control even in an uncontrollable situation. Although at that time there is definitely things you cant do, just keep that focus on what you can. I promise it helps. Power of positivity will get you there. No road block can knock you down forever.


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