Be Healthy and Still Eat Really Good Food

The difference between having a fit lifestyle and the one that you don’t know if you want to change is simple, you’ve become accustomed to one and not the other.

Your everyday routine is used to going and getting that burger, feasting on the popcorn, candy, cupcakes, hotdogs, french fries, and ice-cream sundaes and an everyday treat. Am I saying you can never think about getting any of these again? No. Not thinking one ounce about the amounts though, and what you’re even doing or putting in your body is the problem here. You are used to it, but now you are here wondering, “Dang Dude, how do I fix this?”

Did you ever stop to think that you once weren’t used to those foods like you are now? You once didn’t have a craving for them. There’s a good chance that if you just changed your way of thinking, what you’ve created with those foods you eat today and everyday, you can create with other foods that can lead you down a path that you are desiring.

Some of the things I hear all the time are; “Can you really eat good food when trying to be healthy?” “This meat tastes like rubber, how am I going to consume all this protein?” “But I don’t want to have to make different meals for me and my kids, what am I supposed to make?” “Where do I even start” “This is too much work”

I hear this all the time. And these are just a few of the comments I’ve personally heard when dealing with people that either think its just not appealing to live a healthy lifestyle or that are in the midst of trying to accomplish one themselves.

Lets tackle these bad boys head on.


This meat tastes like Rubber, How am I going to eat all of this protein?

Comment 1- “Can you really eat good food when trying to be healthy?”

The answer to that YES! Heck yes! Although you don’t see it on my Instagram feed much, I have a major passion for taking any recipe that I don’t think is as healthy as I need it or has something in it that my stomach just won’t stomach (yep I’m funny) and turning it into a healthy recipe. If I want friend chicken, I’m going to make some darn good baked and breaded chicken with amazing seasoning that Mr. ChickenMan wishes he would have created. If I want enchilada’s or burrito’s, I’m going to easily create my own minus the lard. If I want soup that has MSG’s (stomach sensitivities) and buttermilk (no dairy here) I’m going to completely skip that MSG crap and use my 1% lactose free milk with some lemon in it ( may be just a bit more runny, but that is where corn starch comes in and a titch of coconut milk or almond milk to make it more creamy) It all tastes JUST the same, I say better, and I have great taste buds. It will have less calories and be better for you in the long run. I promise you, you can still have amazing food minus the crap that goes into the pre packaged stuff. I will even blindfold your soul, have a taste test, and you will LOVE what the all naturAL has to offer. All you need is some natural herbs and seasoning and your meals turn into MaGiC.

Comment 2- “This meat tastes like Rubber, How am I going to eat all of this protein?”

Awe… This is my favorite topic! I could talk all day about different ways to spruce up your proteins. I guarantee you, you will last 1 week on a healthier diet, if you just bake up some chicken with salt and pepper. Blah! and starts to smell funky on day two. My very favorite way is MARINATE. It is the best. Let me spell it out, jk, but… Its a life saver. So easy, so fast and ready with amazing flavor. You can marinate a couple different ways. You can add a sauce that you know is pretty darn healthy, not too crazy in sugar per serving or you can get some olive oil, soy sauce (I use a soy sauce substitute that Braggs has) and whatever seasonings you desire. Cajun seasoning, Mexican seasoning, Italian seasoning all works. McCormick has created some great blends that are MSG free and lower in SALT as well. I don’t use their prepackaged Taco Seasoning or any other companies for anything like that though because you have to watch for artificial ingredients, high sodium and MsG’s (MonoSodium Glutamate). MSG’s will never be your friend.

Marinating takes seconds – minutes to prep. Depending on your method, you can have those puppies whipped out fast. In a baggie or tupperwear, seasoned up perfectly on your choice of meat, and thrown in the fridge. Doesn’t it just sound so nice, no not really I get it, raw meat is nasty, but… the thought of the outcome is what gets your mouth watering. Marinate for at minimal 4hrs- 2 days. Throw those bad boys on the grill when they are ready and you have pure awesomeness that still tastes good at the end of the week if you have meal prepped. My personal favorite is curry spices, cumin, basil, cilantro, and light coconut milk in a can. They turn out nice, moist and perfect! (I prefer the 2 day marinate on this one) If you want to crank it up a notch even more, try smoking it on a Traeger Grill and then grilling it up. Its amazing.

Trying to stay on course is so much easier when you have the proteins already prepped for the week. Its so easy to grab a carb or a fat. Cooking the protein takes the longest so why not take the hard out of it. I promise, its way better than what McDonalds has down the road. The days I don’t have a protein already prepped are the days I have already downed two protein drinks and wondered what else I could eat. Those are the days that the food intake is off and thats not our goal, so prepping it is.

Comment 3- “But I don’t want to have to make different meals for me and my kids, what am I supposed to make?”

Here’s the deal… DON’T DON’T DON’T! – It’s time to be tough. YOUR KIDS NEED HEALTH and they have to learn it now! They NEED to be eating what you’re eating and they need to not be catered to in that department. I’m sorry if you hate me now for saying it, but teach them healthy habits now. Hate me now, or have regrets later. Don’t make you or them have to back track.

Think about this… If you don’t teach them now and take that time, down the road when they are on their own, they will have no idea how to make healthier choices. What meals will they throw together that isn’t a box pizza, Romen Noodles, or mac & cheese? What good is that doing them? They aren’t learning health and if they keep those foods up down the road, what will their health be and what will their medical expenses be? Teach them! They still will get their treats and LOVE the food they are eating, but teach them to be healthy and make great choices.

Comments #4 and #5- “Where do I start, it’s too much work”

It’s only too much work if you are making excuses for it to be. Let’s be real, if you have to go into town to get your fast food, wait in line and order it up DAILY – or you had marinated food ready to grill, that takes you the same amount of time or maybe less AND your belly will be satisfied longer. In the long run you will be happier with that meal you prepped and ate, and have more value in it because you made it. This is all true if you let the excuses go. Now, do I expect you to never get fast food again? NO! Do I eat fast food? Yes! Sometimes I have to with specific situations.

Let me address one more thing. MONEY to eat out.

When I go to McDonalds, it costs my family $28 for us to get our meals, THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY PER NIGHT!! I’d be broke. For 1 meal I buy 1 pack of organic chicken (6 pieces) Rice or potatoes, vegetables, and a couple of extra things to spice it up. I’m not even spending $28 dollars AND I have leftovers every time, meals ready to go.

So… Is it an adjustment to change your mindset? Yes! will it be worth it? Yes! Will you feel better? Yes!  Will it become your normal? Yes! Will you love me for saying all this? Indeed! Good luck and let me know how it goes! Let me know what you’re making!


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