I’m Not the Push-Up Queen!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Are you ready? I am NOT your Pushup Queen.

WHAT?!! I really truly suck at pushups! I watch all these people around me throw out those 22 pushup challenges and I’m over here like, “Hey, how does 5 sound?” They are SO hard for me! The kids are kicking my butt, the people who just started working out are kicking my butt, probably that 80 year old grandma can kick my butt and heres me, right here, in a pushup position, ready, and plop on the floor I go. (ok ok, I can do some) But really how many can you do cause I just did 9. Yep, I really just tested out how many I could do. It was 9 to failure, nose to the floor, 2 lil pauses.

Theres three things I want to focus on here. One- There’s things you can do that I can’t do; vice versa, and thats ok. Two- Our bodies are all made differently. Three- Things can always be done different ways.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a person can’t see qualities in themselves. It doesn’t bother me as in, I can’t stand you get away. It bothers me in, Man, I wish you could see what I see. I don’t know why it bothers me so. That is their life not mine. They have to deal with that, not me. I think it bothers me so because “I” can see how amazing they are and not themselves. I want to shake them. I want to take all my beautiful thoughts about them and smash them inside their head so they get it. I want to smother them with my love and know they understand how and why I think they are so awesome, sadly I can’t. I can name off all their talents but they can’t. Instead they just say, well you can do_______ (enter, that thing it is they love about you_______) When instead of seeing that they kick butt at something else, all they see is that they can’t do what you can do. YOU can do something that I can’t! It just might be those pushups! When theres something we want to strive for what is our thought process? Lets take pushups for example.

Do I want to be able to master pushups? Yes! Am I going to learn and grow and practice so that I can get better at them yes! Do you know how many pushups I used to be able to do? (I’m talking nose to the ground pushups) TWO- I could do TWO! Everybody has to start somewhere with something. If you’re not good at it, LEARN. If you have an interest, LEARN. If you don’t know how to do something, LEARN. Theres nothing holding you back but yourself. Goals are created by someone who wants to do something with themselves. So do it.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a person can’t see qualities in themselves. It doesn’t bother me as in, I can’t stand you get away. It bothers me in, Man, I wish you could see what I see.

Everything you do with your fit mission from day one, your body will fight you in some way or another. Whether you’re short, tall, underweight, overweight, long arms, short legs, your body will fight you. I for one have long arms and legs, therefore, I look like an Orangutan running around, getting all crazy, doing a little dance; It gets interesting. I’m okay with that though, its part of my crazy. Honestly though, one thing thats harder for me are the pushups and pull-ups because there is a lot of length that needs to be covered.

When I first started my fit mission four years ago, I started doing pushups without going all the way down to the ground. When you’re knew at them, maybe you won’t be able to go all the way down either. Its important though as time goes on to really focus on mastering that. I didn’t! I went years without getting a full pushup and I never developed those muscles. Because of that, it limited my ability to also do a pull-up because I wasn’t fully strengthening and engaging my back, chest, lats, etc like I should have been. I have a lot of ground to cover so I have a lot of muscles that need work. If I could teach people though to utilize the muscles they have and pay attention to your body, those little things you couldn’t do will turn into a thing you can do. Work with what you have been given, don’t let it stop you from getting the goals done you want.

If you noticed, I showed 3 different variations of pushups in my pictures. Each way, you will find your body can do better or worse than another way. Modify, Modify, Modify if needed! Elevated pushups are so much easier for me because of the muscles I have build up. Decline pushups are my next best followed lastly by the good ol’ traditional pushup. Thats where my 9 came from and thats where I need to keep working towards. There are so many different variations to a push up. Click here for some fun pushup ideas that I clearly can NOT do and Click Here for Beginner to Advanced PushUp variations. Modify them if you need to. If you want to master more, tucker yourself out with the traditional pushup or the one that is the hardest for you (keeping solid form) and then move to one thats a little easier so you are really getting those muscles working. You know your body, you know your goals, how are you going to achieve them?

I want you to be the PushUp Queen! Do you have a goal to master your pushups? Show me how you ARE the Pushup Queen. Teach me your ways! Feel free to email me your goals or video’s of yourself doing them to fitmissioncomplete@gmail.com and you just might see yourself kicking butt on my Instagram page Fit Mission Complete


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