In Loving Memory, I Remain Hopeful

Growing up you are hopeful in your life for many reasons and for many things.  There are those that come into your life and help that hope become easier. They bless you and they help you be hopeful for whats to come.

When I was in high school I had the most amazing person in my life. Most people find it in a friend their age and I found it in a friend that was actually my teacher. Coach Heiner (later to be Gloria Terry) had a personality of gold and funny as could be. Instead of hanging out with the kids in the commons area between classes, I was with her. My classes where I could shadow a teacher and get credit for it, I shadowed her. She was my health teacher/PE coach. She always had wonderful words that lifted me up and she made me feel special when at times I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I was one of those kids that had a good amount of friends, but didn’t have a specific group that I was always with. Which meant some days, I just didn’t feel like I had a place to go. SHE was who helped me to be hopeful. She helped me get through it all.

Years had passed and a few years ago after much time away from her and wondering what her life was like for all those years I was able to reconnect. Sadly though, I found that breast cancer had taken up some of her past and that it had returned only this time worse. She was a fighter, she was a person that changed many lives and she gave everyone and any thing her soul. Typing this is hard because as we go through life we only have so many people that we can name, that truly changed our lives and helped shape them, mold them, and make you believe in something good. She believed in the good. She believed in fighting for what is right. She believed in helping souls that didn’t know how to help themselves. She was a mother to two daughters but yet a mother to so many more. Her fight with cancer may have taken her life but it didn’t take what she left behind and her spirit that lives within so many everyday. She lived by the motto “yougottawanna” and she did that everyday she was alive.

Before she passed away she had sent me an amazing letter and special gifts of a lil turtle and a small white rock. In her letter she stated that the turtle would “help you (me) smile on bad days” and the rock was so that I would “know how STRONG you (I) really are (am)” I knew I’d always cherish those gifts and they would truly be something I would never forget. I was pregnant at the time and as the end of my pregnancy drew near I knew I would be needing those special gifts. I had made plans, and prepared to have this last baby med free. It would be harder since I was being induced but I knew that was what I needed to do. I needed to fully understand what I was about to do and I needed to be mentally prepared. I said to myself, if Coach can go through what she did, I can go through this.


To many something can seem so little but to one it can mean the world.

The day I went into labor with my last little guy over 4 years ago was so special and sacred to me. I was supposed to go into the hospital earlier in the morning to be induced, they had me call ahead 2 hours before that time to make sure there was room for me. When I called, they told me to wait a couple hours before coming in. Since I was already awake, there was no way that a nine month pregnant woman was going to be able to go back to sleep. When I got to the hospital and settled into my room, in walks my nurse that would be over me for that day. Lo and behold, her name was Gloria and she had just battled breast cancer herself. Why she shared that with my I do not know because she had said she had even been keeping it a secret from her those she worked with. She was new at that hospital and she wanted to keep it to herself. She was a very determined nurse. She had done this job for many years that she knew what needed to be done. I wasn’t wanting to stick to the rules of induction since I wanted to go natural (those 2 things usually don’t go together) but I like to think she had a little soft spot for my soul and my situation so she worked with me. I had my doula Sally there with me, but Gloria did a perfect job working with Sally and working with my wishes. Coach’s presence was there the whole time. I knew that if she could go through her trial I could get through this and I repeated it over and over again as the day went on.“yougottawanna” rang loud and clear. My goal was set and I did it. Four hours after being induced my sweet little baby was with me, in my arms. Coach forever on my mind. I did it. Thanks to her and the power her spirit gave me.

On September 21, 2012 the same year as the birth of my boy, Coach (Gloria) left this earth and so many behind that loved her. This exact time of year, her memory is with me and so many. Her spirit lives on and her legacy. This being the time of year for breast cancer awareness I can only hope that I do my part and can help others to be HOPEFUL. Hopeful for the desire to find themselves. To love themselves. To respect themselves. Hopeful that they know that through trials they can conquer anything. Gloria Richardson Terry taught me that through all hard things I can see the positive. I can find the Love and Respect I need for me. She taught me that 15 years ago and she was the light and the positive soul I needed at one of the hardest times in my life.

My hope is that for anyone reading this. You have found the soul that inspires and enlightens you. You have learned to love and respect you and you love and respect others. We need to learn this. We need to learn because if we don’t, we can’t inspire others and we can’t fix ourselves. I am HOPEFUL! I will be forever hopeful all because of what I have been taught.
I will be hopeful for a cure for cancer, I will be hopeful for the dear souls that face breast cancer. I will be hopeful for those that know and love these souls and all they are going through. I will be hopeful that they will know they are not alone, I will be hopeful, that they know how we all love them and how to love themselves. I will be hopeful that they can turn to all of us and find comfort and I will be hopeful that they LOVE and RESPECT themselves and we do the same for them.

I love you Coach! I will forever love you. I will forever be grateful and I’m so blessed to have had you in my life. You left 2 beautiful daughters that learned how to be amazing souls just like their momma and I know they influence others just like you did because YOU were the one to inspire them to be who they are. You were the one to inspire me.

To many something can seem so little but to one it can mean the world.


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