Less Time With Makeup, More Time With Family- Its Easy!

The one thing we all need more of and can’t seem to get is TIME. We wake up every morning with all sorts of grand ideas in our minds of what we can accomplish for the day, only to get to the end of the day and look back and realize we only made it through half of it! Where does the time go? Each of us can only answer that question for ourselves, but we can all agree we wish we had more of it.

One great place to start create more time- how long we spend each day getting ready and making that inner beauty shine. One option would just be to cut that time out completely and not get ready…NOPE…scratch that option!  The option I choose is to get the same great results in a lot less time. The greatest thing about Maskcara makeup for me is that I don’t have to give up the quality of my makeup in order to save time.  With just a little practice, it is totally realistic to spend only 5 minutes to completely highlight and contour my face. I have never found a makeup that is so well designed for doing just this- getting the best of both worlds, time and great results!!

If you’ve never had a makeup artist custom color match your skin tones to the perfect makeup colors, message me HERE, it takes almost no time to get started with the perfect makeup for your own face!


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