My Fit Mission Story

It will be four full years here shortly that I started my fit mission. If I could go back in time, I’d wish I would have stayed active all the years before.

It wasn’t until I became a mother that my activity levels dropped. I had played High School ball growing up, but fitness wasn’t what I grew up with as a top priority. Becoming a mom it meant taking care of others and not myself. So I thought. I wanted to be the BEST mom! I wanted to make sure my kids were top of the line. I had no thought process that in order to take care of them, I had to take care of myself as well.

My husband has always been an entrepreneur and with that came a lot of moving. The 15 years we have been married, we lived in 7 different areas.  Its been a crazy ride but a good one. With moving that brings on its own kind of crazy. I wasn’t at any point where I felt secure enough to venture out on my own. Having little ones didn’t help me feel secure in that either. At least for me. Trying to be a mom who hasn’t quite figured things out yet AND be fit? That wasn’t in my thought process.

Being a mom has brought me so many blessings. I was lucky enough to be given four babies, but those babies getting here was another story.  I was on bed rest with every baby. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my third that things started changing even more. Not only was my health rough at the time, but my mom had suffered a major heart attack while she was away in Oregon. We were living in Utah at the time. Living down a few roads from my parents when my mom started feeling weird pains going down her left arm. She had been tested before she had left for this big trip of hers, but all tests came back clear. While staying with some friends she started not to feel good so she had told them she was going to go lay down. Luckily those friends knew about her worry of a heart attack and told her its time to go to the hospital, not to bed. On the way to the hospital she had the heart attack. Days before her 57th birthday. If it wouldn’t have been for those friends and the way they reacted, she might now be with us here today.

Staying on track with my fit mission hasn’t been easy. Some days I don’t feel like working out. Some days I feel like I just want to stay in bed. Everyday that it was done though, I never once regretted it.

Time went on, I got pregnant with one more lil fella. At that time we had already moved to Texas. I got a phone call that my dad was on the way to the hospital for a broken femur. Good grief! News I didn’t want to hear. My dad was one heck of a tough cowboy so for him to go in an ambulance to the hospital, that was a bid deal. Things with that issue turned into a bigger mess and my dad suffered a stroke while in surgery. When he woke up things were not right and he had lost some memory. A lil entertaining, but a lot scary. I was 1200 miles away and with a high risk pregnancy I could not be there for him. It was crushing!

After things died down, he and my mom were at a doctors appt for him. My mom stood up to take a step and thats when…. Here we go again….She TOOK A STEP and her foot broke. Good grief, whats next? She had discovered that she was just like her momma and osteoporosis would be part of her life as well. Those rotten family health history genes just could’t stay away and this would be the new thing my mom would have to take care of her body for.

In the picture with my mom and I (you see below), you wouldn’t know it, but what that picture doesn’t show is a woman with her own broken femur. All she did was trip and fall and it turned in to her own disaster- THAT is another story, for another day, but lets just say, she didn’t just break a femur that day, she almost left our family.

After I had my last baby it finally hit me. If I don’t take care of my body now, I just might turn out like her. I love her dearly, but I do NOT want to have those issues. I knew that I could’t keep going like I was. I had to at least TRY and make sure my fate wasn’t what she had been handed. I was going to try to prevent it. That was almost 4 years ago.

Staying on track with my fit mission hasn’t been easy. Some days I don’t feel like working out. Some days I feel like I just want to stay in bed. Everyday that it was done though, I never once regretted it. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. I say it takes 3 days to break that habit you just worked your butt of to create. Its never going to be the easiest, but its so worth it.

I think you have to look at your fit mission with an overall goal i.e. to prevent heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc… and then have your weekly reminder goals. Theres a big picture at the end but there is little chapters that have to get you there. Today you get to change your life. Today you get to take control and today, you’re going to change the history of your story. What will your story say? My mom was the beginning of my story, whats the beginning of yours?



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