Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire, or my Heart is on Fire, either way; Life is getting lived.

This may be my first time EVER in a convertible, at least that I can remember. As we turn onto the freeway in Las Vegas, Nevada, Americans Authors turns on and “What we Live For” starts playing.

I Highly recommend riding with the top down and cranking that song up. Hands up rolling in the wind, music blaring, hair going crazy, worried about absolutely nothing.

Heading about 45 minutes outside of the crazy fast paced life that Las Vegas has to offer and into the quiet red rock mountains at the Valley of Fire.

As we pull up to the mountains with no one else around; Lizards crawling, breeze lightly blowing, with shade on just parts of the rock the sun isn’t touching yet, we explore. Every rock unique and different, in fact I don’t think a single person that ended up being there that day could even take the same picture. Theres so much to see and venture about. It’s such an open sea of rock and views. It’s quiet and you feel alone and able to breathe in the warm air. The Valley of Fire is one of those places that you never want to leave, unless of course you get back into a convertible with the top down and American Authors blaring on the radio.

Pure bliss as you wonder around making tracks with no one elses there but yours. As the day went on more people started to show. You’d see one or two but nothing that made you feel like you couldn’t enjoy yourself. 


Growing up in Utah, those were the kind of days I always had. You could go out camping and no one else was there. You could go for a hike and know that you were alone for the most part. You got to explore and imagine. You got to see what was really out there and not follow a path that too many had left before you. You made your own path, just like we try to do with life.

All too many times we feel like we have to walk in too many peoples footsteps. Or we feel like the world is on our trail and we just can’t get them off it. We forget that this little life we have is ours and we get to make of it as we wish. Thats what we are here for. We don’t have to follow someone elses track and no one is on our trail unless we are too scared to find our own.

What scares us? What keeps us from discovering all we have inside of us? Whats our fear and why is it there? Franklin D Roosevelt said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” Its SO true. We hold ourselves back. We don’t feel the wind in our hair or the freedom that that convertible gives us. We hold back where we are comfortable, but that comfort only keeps grounded and tied down. The wind in your hair is the fun part. The exploring is the fun part. The getting out of your comfort zone is the scary part BUT the fun part.

This past year I made a promise to myself that fear was not going to stop me. Fear wasn’t going to keep me from exploring. Now…May I add, I still will not be jumping out of a plane, but fear isn’t holding me back anymore from seeing whats out there. I had gone far too long afraid to go many places. I let my fears be in control. I let my fears dictate what I would do and who I would be. I had to put my foot down and I still do.

I think its time you put your foot down. I think its time you found that fear, what ever it may be and take control. Own it! You CAN! Put that car in drive, top down (not your top) and lift those hands up and let your hair fly. See what is out there for you! See where it takes you. Its your turn, Its your time. The road might be windy, but its waiting for you.


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